Big Six Wheel

Big 6 wheel, which is also known by the name The Big 6 game or Wheel of Fortune, is not an equalized gambling game which is played with the help of a big wheel which can be whirled around.

From the 13th of May 2002 onwards it got permission to be played in legally certified casinos in Great Britain, below The Gaming Club rules 2002.

Rules to play

The wheel used in the game is made into equal sections apart by spokes. Each section is related with a figure. This wheel is rotated by a bargainer, and the pointer indicates the winner. The pointer which is kept on a bendable piece of leather or rubber gets rubbed against some pins and passes on a resistance to the wheel and reduces the speed of that wheel.


Many variations can be seen on the game like, wheel will be classified to a no. of sections, apply dissimilar symbols in these sections, and bear different chances whenever some symbol is chosen.

Money wheel

It's the most popularly used version to play big six wheel game in United States. Many signs like $1, $2 etc are used as bills in this model. It also contains some three to four extra symbols that are different from others like a joker and a casino logo. Other than re-spins participants used to bet on these symbols. Bill will be paid according to the value showed by the pointer. The dollar 1 bills will pay one to one, the dollar 2 bills pays at two to one, the dollar 5 bills pays at five to one, and continues like that. Special symbols like casino logo and the joker will be paid at forty to one or forty five to one, depending upon localized gambling rules or according to the pattern of the casinos.

A very important advantages of Money wheel game is that this is the top game when compared to another casino games. Money wheel games in United States ranges to 11.1% and for special symbols it comes to 24% more.

Dice Wheel

In this game there are 216 signs on the wheel which symbolize all the 216 combinations that are possible in three dices. At times the equivalent sign comes out for more than 1 section. Participants bet on the figures 1 to 6. Whenever the figure comes on any single dice in succeeding section, the bargainer gives a payment at one to one. If the figure comes out on any of the two dice, the bargainer gives a payment at two to one. If the figure comes out on all the three dices, then the bargainer has to pay at three to one.

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