Playtech casinos came up with a new game called Mini roulette. Fundamentally, it is just similar to the conventional roulette but on lower scale.

This game consists of 6 red squares, 6 black squares and a single square with zero. Similar to normal roulette games in mini roulette also the zero slot makes a house edge.

Knowing about disburses for each bet is very important before you start playing this game.

Generally disburses for Mini Roulette are similar like the basic roulette game but only difference is that this comes on a lower scale.

How to play

Whenever you play on colors black or red disburse will be same as 2-1 which is similar to the actual game. Disburses for columns play are also similar to the actual game which is 3/1.

A difference of this game from normal game is that the dozens in this game bets are 1/6, then 4/9 & at last 7/12.

Dozens are paid at 3/1 on an actual wheel game but in this game the bets are paid only 2-1. Reason behind this difference is that in a normal roulette wheel dozens covers less than one 3rd of the roulette wheel but dozen covers half part of that wheel in case of this mini roulette wheel and hence bets got altered accordingly.

Does this mean that you've additional opportunities of becoming winner of the game Mini Roulettes wheel? Obviously the answer will be a No, because of the zero slot the house edges would be present which is similar to the normal roulette game.

Mini Roulette have many offers on almost all Playtech casinos. So be sure that you play this at the Playtech casinos which is best and fast like Bet365.

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