Rival gaming

Rival Gaming happens to be newcomers in the neighborhood as far as online gambling is concerned. It entered the software industry of online gambling quite late. Though as a company they did exist since quite some time, but they leapt into online gaming world as late as 2006, wherein they announced their official launch.

Within this short duration of 4 years, Rival Gaming has already managed to reach the top list by coming up with fair & trusted gaming solutions. Their gaming software could be distinguished as rich in quality & very sophisticated in operation. At the same time, it also retains its user friendliness & easy to use interface that are the core features of their software. Though a cut throat competition is there in the online gaming industry, Rival has successfully managed to carve its own niche with the unique things and features they have always been providing in the past.

The Rise

The uniqueness shows with the way it considers and handles interactive gaming. Having arrived at the scene in the late 2006, the existing platforms were never going to be the repertoire for the Rival gaming. Instead they changed in entirety the whole concept of interactive online gaming. They set their own innovative and totally new ways instead of outdated platforms.

So those platforms were never going to create problems for it. It never made any attempt for upgrading the existing gamut of games, instead it keenly studied that there was a desperate need to change and personalise the individual style of each of the player who plays online slots. Thus they came up with an entirely new and groundbreaking slot game known as i-slot, which was a kind of slots game that was both entertaining and playable at the same time.


i-Slots imply Interactive slots & they are very much unique for Rival gaming because no other company had tried any such game. In the game, as the player makes progress on slot machine that he or she chooses as per his/her choice, machine starts to display animated video clippings. This in turn introduces the players to a very unique storyline that would have its own set of characters within its own virtual world with simulated environment.

They also consist of mini games that act as a kind of game within the i-Slots. The i-Slots get updated regularly & stand among the rest as a unique slots game with entirely new features and gameplay found anywhere on the internet or anywhere else.

As far as security is concerned Rival Gaming ensures they provide utmost safety for the player along with the operator. Its encryption methods for protected transactions are among the best.

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